Om Nom?

Can my dog eat it? OMG my dog ate it!

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New! If you're a veterinarian, just email for a free copy of Om Nom (while supplies last—Apple only allows developers to give away a limited number of free apps).

Available on the App Store Is it OK to give my dog apples? Yes, but remove the core and seeds. How about grapes? No! Grapes are very bad for a dog’s kidneys. How much chocolate is too much chocolate? It depends on the size of your dog…

Chocolate Toxicity Calculator screen shot Om nom was designed to answer all these questions and more. It’s a handy pocket reference that will help you quickly look up if it’s OK to give your dog that table scrap, or if you should call the vet because Spot just got into the trash and ate some onions (yes—onions are poisonous to dogs!). Om nom also includes a helpful “Chocolate Toxicity Calculator” to determine how much chocolate is too much for your dog.

Onions details screen shot Om nom’s database contains dozens of foods and other substances that can be harmful to dogs, with an overview of the dangers, a list of the symptoms, and information about treatment. Every dog owner shouldn’t leave the house without this invaluable reference!

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